Material Innovations for Manufacturing and Product Development

AFI Global, Inc. is focused on bringing new and innovative materials to the market that have real world value and production reality. With a focus on new base components and unique new applications of existing base components we strive to develop value added products with a focus on improving customer end products and bringing true value and economics to each application.

We have grown to a family of companies focused on innovative technology, and practical solutions, combined to create a superb portfolio of products and capabilities. With a focused reinvestment into the company, we have both grown and positioined the business for accelerated growth in the years to come. Thank you for taking the time to visit us on the web, we hope there will be a chance for us to work together in the near future.


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Aromatic Fusion

Aromatic Fusion, Inc. was founded on an innovative next generation technology for the integration of fragrances into plastics and other carrier systems. Through a unique process of manufacturing, called "Multiphase Dispersion Compounding" Aromatic Fusion, Inc creates fragrance plastic systems that are highly fragrant, while having minimal exposure to the high heat environments of traditional plastic compounding approaches. The end result is a higher level of purity in rendition, more fragrant fi

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Addisperse, Inc.

Addisperse, Inc. developes and manufactures innovative additive concentrates, based on proprietary technologies engineered to improve modern plastic processing. With a core focus on problem solving, and the development of next generation solutions Addisperse, Inc. works to develop unique high performance concentrates for a broad range of industries. Addisperse, Inc. additive concentrates are engineered for top performance in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and compounding application